The People of Syria Need You

Little Aylan Kurdi of Syria has been laid to rest in his war-torn home of Kobani alongside his brother and mother as his death continues to send shockwaves through the world. We can connect with this child by his name and a face, however, there have been many more children who have died the very same way while fleeing the war torn country of Syria without any acknowledgement. This is an international issue of humanity and one that needs to be addressed in everyway possible by people throughout the world.

The Primates World Relief and Development fund, through the Anglican Church of Canada is a sponsor for refugees. Donations can be made through St. Paul’s Anglican in Newmarket. Donations are tax deductible. Cheques, money order or cash donations (marked with donors name and address) payable to St. Paul’s Anglican and marked Syrian refugees will be accepted and forwarded onto the Primates World Relief and Development Fund. You can email our office at admin@stpaulsnewmarket.org, we will then coordinate your donation – we also accept Visa and MasterCard (over the phone) as contribution methods.

If you are unable to contribute financially you can also pray for the families fleeing this horrendous war. The luxury of living in Canada makes it seemingly incomprehensible that a person can be forced to leave their home (forever) with just the clothes on their back. Can you imagine how you would cope if you were faced with such a horrific situation – and even worse if your child had to suffer through the same life threatening experience.

Please help us, help others. Help save a child from further harm.

The cost of sponsoring a refugee family for a year which is the time it takes to become independent is $20,000.00. Many people working together can make this happen.

For more information on the Primates World Relief and Development Fund visit this blog post.


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    terry dranitsaris says

    My heart aches for the people of Syria, I can’t even begin to imagine the daily horrors these our fellow human companions are able to endure such atrocities. When I saw the picture of the sweet boy Aylan on the front page of the Toronto Sun I was shocked, horrified and I couldn’t believe that he and his brother and others like him at such tender ages are dying in this worn torn country. I am sure if we are outraged by this inhumanity surely our loving God must place into our hearts the spirit to help the people of Syria or any country going through horrors of wars, terrorism, and out right disregard for human life.
    As a Canadian and an Anglican I wish with all my heart The Primates World Relief and Development fund will be fully supported by every one of us. Be it monetarily or by our fervent prayers for the relief from harsh, cruel evil rulers of this country and that money will flow into the PWRDF. so that they may be able to come to our country or other country’s willing to protect them and let them know as a world we most assuredly care for the relief of their sufferings and deaths. May our Heavenly Father open all of our hearts to do all that we can to reach out and help this nation of people. Children are the future of the world, we don’t need to see them dying under a ruler who is a sadistic evil terrorist.
    Almighty and loving God, full of mercy and compassion please help us to help Syria at this most crucial time. Let us turn to you for guidance and pray that you move our hearts to help to the best of our ability in supporting the PWRDF. Pour upon us dear Father your Holy Spirit to act in a way that honours you and brings praise to your most beloved son our Lord Jesus Christ.

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