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Praying for Newmarket Champion and Eliminating Distracted Driving

A Prayer of GRATITUDE for World Arm Wrestling Champ Heidi Cordner
St. Paul’s community pride is beaming knowing that a local resident of Newmarket has won the women’s right-hand hammer at the World Arm Wrestling League Championship that was held in Vegas in June of this year. In addition to Heidi’s title, we are also grateful that as a woman she is a great example of strength and accomplishment and a wonderful source of inspiration for young women in our community. What makes Heidi even more special is that she’s a teacher so she’s directly, and indirectly inspiring and motivating young people whether she makes the news or not. We pray for Heidi’s continued success with competition, for injury-free training and we also pray that her story reaches as many young girls as possible.

A prayer for increased awareness to ELIMINATE “Distracted Driving”
The OPP held a press conference in King recently where they outlined that distracted driving fatalities continue to rise at an alarming rate – now almost doubling impaired driving deaths. The OPP want to change the public perception that distracted driving is as socially unacceptable as impaired driving. And furthermore remind us that the offence starts as soon as you hold your phone regardless of whether you text, dial or even use it. You are also not allowed to use your phone at a red light. And remember distracted driving isn’t just about texting. It includes talking, alerts (like from Facebook, Instagram and twitter), Google maps, email, eating, music and taking pics. If you currently use a phone app to help you eliminate your distracted driving please let us know. NOTE we say ELIMINATE, not reduce…it only takes one time despite your intentions and your past history – the video below is a scary example of how even the best intentioned can escape the risk. We offer a prayer that awareness grows amongst us as a society, and that individually we commit to the practice of not using our phone when we get into a car.

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