Most of us are searching for something larger than ourselves—for connections that are real and meaningful. St. Paul’s offers many ways to go a bit deeper and discover a warm caring community and a place of belonging. You will be warmly welcomed and shown full respect for where you are in your faith journey, whether that means you want to take it slowly and tentatively, or jump right in. For more information on any of the following programs, call the Church Office at 905-853-7285 or reach us at info [at]

Children & Youth
Our children’s ministry seeks to establish and grow faith in Jesus in our children by bringing them week by week into contact with God’s truth and his… [more]

Christian Education
The purpose of Christian Education for adults is not only to teach us about how God’s grace works, but to help us experience that grace; not only to know about God but to… [more]

Family Program
At St. Paul’s we seek to offer hope in all situations and life stages. We know that busy families need hope and less stress. So, once a month we offer… [more]

Not only does St. Paul’s congregation praise God through worship, but we also praise God through our work locally, nationally and internationally. We understand the transformational power of… [more]

Pastoral Care
Assisted by a dedicated group of volunteers, the priest provides parishioners with home visits for newcomers, the ill and shut-ins and… [more]

At St. Paul’s we all seem to enjoy each other’s company! And we enjoy the company of the community at large, with our annual bazaar (“Mistletoe Fair”) and well-attended… [more]

Sharing is the chief joy of friendship. God gives generously to us so that we can enjoy giving generously in return. Stewardship is our spontaneous response to God’s grace, affirming our communion with… [more]

Small Groups
Learning and sharing in a small group setting helps an individual grow spiritually and brings encouragement and support in the challenges of life. On Thursday mornings a Lectio Divina (praying-through-Scripture) group meets in… [more]