Introducing Our New Community Care Coordinator

We’d like to welcome Jeesu to St. Paul’s. She’s in a temporary role with us for the summer as our Community Care Coordinator. Jeesu is a university student so she’ll be returning to her studies in September. If you have the pleasure of crossing Jeesu’s path during her time with us do say hi, but if not you can learn a little more about her from her answers to some questions we’ve asked.

What an interesting name you have (Jeesu)…we can’t help but notice how close the spelling is to someone we dearly love…we bet you have some interesting pronunciations of your name.
Interesting for sure, and yes I’ve been called Jesus before :) For anyone curious, my name is actually pronounced “Ghee-Su”.

What are you studying at university and what year are you in?
I am studying nursing at McMaster. I am going into my second year.

What would you like to do once you finish university?
I’d love to travel for a year after I finish school. Whether it’s backpacking around Europe, exploring South American nature, or experiencing East Asian culture–I want to know the world before I begin my career as a nurse.

What are some of your previous jobs?
I used to teach piano and tutor. I worked at Mandarin Restaurant for a year, then did some PSW work before coming to St. Paul’s.

What are you enjoying most about your job at St. Pauls?
I absolutely love every part of this job, but one thing that I’m always telling my friends and family very proudly is how dedicated everyone here is. Being surrounded by such a serving community really inspires me to have a more serving heart.

What’s your favorite app?
My favourite app… can I say Google Chrome?

If you had to choose between Netflix, Pinterest and Facebook how would you spend an hour of free time? (if none of these qualify for use of free-time feel free to call 3 strikes)
Netflix!!! But could I have an extra six hours added on?

What are some of your hobbies, activities and/or special interests?
I play the piano or read on my Kindle in my free time. Sometimes I sing. These days I’m picking up a cooking hobby (which is good because I have to move out this fall and Mum won’t be able to cook for me).

Thanks for sharing Jeesu…we are very happy to have you with us – welcome aboard!


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    Ann Campbell says

    She sounds like she is a breath of fresh air.

    • Reply
      stpauls says

      She sure is :)

      Thanks Ann!

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    Terry Dranitsaris says

    Jeesu is amazing. She has a wonderful and warm personality and I think she is a real asset to the Parish. Jee su is highly industrious and proffessional. I think she loves being with us at St. Paul’s and I agree with Ann Campbell and St Paul’s yes she is a breath of fresh air. Welcome to St. Paul’s Jee su.

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