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Garage Sale June 11 – Come Find Your Master Piece

Our annual garage sale is takes place Saturday June 11 from 9am – 12pm. Your master piece awaits…come and discover. Check out some samples of what very talented people can do with “trash”…makes you wonder whether trash really exists because the beautiful works of art below would not be referred to as trash even though each piece is made completely from discarded items.

President Obama Portrait
Portrait of President Obama
by Jason Mecier
Can you spot the glasses frame and plastic fork that make up Obama’s hair?

Cork Art
Cork Art – Portrait of Grace
by Scott Gundersen
The corks are packed tightly together, and affixed to the portrait backing. The giant 96 x 66 inch portrait of “Grace” took Gundersen 50 hours to actually build up. “Grace” used an incredible 9,217 corks to create!

Trash Art
Titled – Fairy Too
by Robert Bradford (UK born artist)
Material: mainly clothes pins.
There’s a good chance anyone born after 1985 won’t know what clothes pins are :)

Trash Art - Nick Cage
Portrait of Nicholas Cage (actor)
by Jason Mecier
Can you spot the shot glass and the cell phone?

Trash Art Doggy
Titled – SniffMiami
by Robert Bradford (UK born artist)
Material: mainly toy figures.

Save the date June 11 and come on out. We enjoy meeting the crowds of people that visit and the proceeds go towards supporting church initiatives so it’s a win win. Come and search for your treasures…we’re certain you’ll find something you like. And if not, you can still experience the Best peameal-on-a-bun in town!

See you there!

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