Constantly Plugged In

Constantly Connected

Someone recently shared with me how difficult it was to unplug from their cellphone. This person shared how he had a difficult time even making it through a meal without checking to see if work was trying to reach him, and how, when an alert would “ding” he felt the...

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Making good food choices

Making Better Food Choices

As we journey towards a healthier self, making good food choices is essential. Making good choices requires educating yourself about food, being consistent with your eating habits and realizing and accepting there will be moments of discomfort and stress as you change eating habits (you’ll be stepping out of your...

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Journey Towards a Healthier You

Start Your Journey to a Healthier You

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re onboard with treating this as the start of your new year and are ready to begin working towards a healthier you. The steps and strategies I’m sharing are my suggestions not those of a qualified health/fitness practitioner. My intention is to motivate you...

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Happy New Year in Dec?

Happy New Year! Huh? We’re Still in December!

A follow-up thought to the post about “Thinking outside the box”. The New Year is a time for resolutions, especially resolving to be healthy. Every New Year, new gym memberships are sold, new diets are begun, and new commitments are made to at last get all of our unhealthy habits...

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Out The Box

We often hear the phrase “think outside the box” but do we understand its true meaning and how we might apply it in our lives. Each of us have things about ourselves that we would like to change for the better, but often struggle with making and sustaining change. The...

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5 Silver Linings

5 Silver Linings Amidst Trump’s Spiraling

Mention the name Donald Trump in conversation and you’re likely to get a very emotional response. Many detest him and would call him vile. However many think he’s wonderful, after all without “many” (a significant number of votes), he wouldn’t have landed in the position of President of the United...

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NFL Kneeling

Free to Kneel, NOT Just at Church

One would have thought that for a sitting president to pick a fight with the NFL would be political suicide, such a high place does that institution (the NFL, not the presidency) hold in the U.S., and to do it in such a vulgar way, by referring to those players...

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Family & Forgiveness

The Rev. Canon Barbara J. Hammond (Sermon) Families can be the greatest strength of our lives or the biggest problem. For some people, leaving home is almost impossible, for others it is a necessity if they are to find peace. Some families seem to be always in a state of...

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