Out The Box

We often hear the phrase “think outside the box” but do we understand its true meaning and how we might apply it in our lives. Each of us have things about ourselves that we would like to change for the better, but often struggle with making and sustaining change. The...

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Christmas Concert @ St. Paul's

2017 Christmas Concert – Home for the Holidays

On Saturday, December 16th 2017 at 7:30 pm, St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Newmarket is thrilled to be hosting a benefit concert featuring mezzo-soprano Mia Lennox and baritone Peter McGillivray. All proceeds from the evening will go to the Metroland Santa Fund to help York Region families in need over...

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5 Silver Linings

5 Silver Linings Amidst Trump’s Spiraling

Mention the name Donald Trump in conversation and you’re likely to get a very emotional response. Many detest him and would call him vile. However many think he’s wonderful, after all without “many” (a significant number of votes), he wouldn’t have landed in the position of President of the United...

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NFL Kneeling

Free to Kneel, NOT Just at Church

One would have thought that for a sitting president to pick a fight with the NFL would be political suicide, such a high place does that institution (the NFL, not the presidency) hold in the U.S., and to do it in such a vulgar way, by referring to those players...

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Family & Forgiveness

The Rev. Canon Barbara J. Hammond (Sermon) Families can be the greatest strength of our lives or the biggest problem. For some people, leaving home is almost impossible, for others it is a necessity if they are to find peace. Some families seem to be always in a state of...

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The Reformation - Fall Course

The Reformation – Fall Course

This fall marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses. Throughout the world, churches are celebrating the 500th anniversary of what became known as the Protestant Reformation. What was the Reformation? Did it really start with this event? Who were the major players? What was at stake?...

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Community Care Student

Welcome Caroline – Our Summer Student

Caroline is our new Community Care Student whose is primarily tasked with coordinating and running our VBS program. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Caroline as yet, here’s an introduction. She was kind enough to answer some questions we asked her…see below. What are you studying at university...

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(Past Event) 2017 Day Camp (VBS)

Hey Parents & Kids!! Once again, St. Paul’s in Newmarket is excited to offer our day camp for children ages 4-12 during the week of August 14-18 (9am-12pm). Fun filled themed days that centralize around a Bible story and the Ocean Commotion VBS resources. Crafts, games, songs, movies, and more!...

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Canada's Birthday 150

As We Celebrate

The party atmosphere around this weekend’s Canada Day celebration seems to me to be somewhat dampened, and not just by the endless rain we have been receiving of late. We certainly have much to celebrate and I can think of no country I would rather live in than Canada. It...

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