Rev. Barb’s Farewell Address

We have been so blessed as a parish to have such a leader over the last two years. Canon Barb is amazing and she did an incredible job navigating us through this uncertain period of seeking out a new pastor and supporting us during the pandemic. We thank you from...

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St. Paul's Sunday School

Sunday School

We love kids at St. Paul’s and we make this an obvious fact as soon as you walk into the nave, you’ll notice a big comfy chair and ottoman specially brought in for any breastfeeding moms. And if you have a little one that would prefer to stay with you...

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Great sound system.

Equipped with Great Sound

St. Paul’s has a fully equipped sound system. It’s part of the reason we are able to host the types of musical events that we do. But beyond the performance type events, on any given Sunday expect to hear every word that our priest utters. Equipped with a wireless mic,...

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St. Paul’s Helping Others

If there’s one this that’s high on our radar, it’s helping others. We take our tagline seriously – “A beacon of hope.” We host a benefit concert every year in support of the Santa Fund North. Appearing in the picture above are soprano Jennifer Mizzi (left) and mezzo soprano Amanda...

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Outdoor worship...yay!

Service Outdoors

That’s our choir director playing the organ outside. When we say outside worship, we mean it…music and all! Keep an eye out in the summer as you’re passing St. Paul’s church. If you see us outside worshiping don’t hesitate to come on over and join us.

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Jazz at Church

That’s right…we like jazz, so we thought why not create a service around it. Come out and enjoy a very cool jazz experience at one of our Jazz Vespers services. You’ll hear a few familiar tunes played by some very talented musicians…some of whom have grown up at St. Paul’s....

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Socialize and Feed Your Sweet Tooth Too

Coffee hour follows our 10am service. It’s a great opportunity for people to reconnect with friends and greet new faces too. St. Paul’s parishioners are very fortunate to belong to a church that has a coffee & snack committee that knows how to put out a spread. Bring your sweet...

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St. Paul's Annual Church Picnic

Outdoor Fun

We love any opportunity to get outdoors, so for that reason we enjoy the summer months so much more. We have a huge backyard which amongst other things, hosts our annual picnic. The fun and activity is preceded by a mid morning service that combines both service times into one....

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Choir at St. Paul's

St. Paul’s Choir

At St. Paul’s we have a wonderful group of talented voices that grace us with song every Sunday throughout the year. Come and experience these vocalists as their notes resonate throughout the church walls in a setting built for delivering sound.

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