St. Paul's Ask the Pastor
My most meaningful conversations happen outside of Sunday service and are usually one on one. I’m often thinking during some of these chats that it’s a shame more people aren’t a part of this right now. The hope with this Ask The Pastor forum is that:

  • I can share insightful offline conversations with a larger audience through St. Paul’s online platforms.
  • It will allow people an opportunity to connect with me if getting to church doesn’t fit well within your weekly schedule.
  • This can encourage someone who prefers not to ask a question face to face, the opportunity to do so through their keypad.
  • Acts as a reminder that we are a lot more similar than different through the questions that come up.

Lastly, I may not have all the answers or get the opportunity to respond to every question but know that I will read every submission that comes in. Also, if you submit a question, be aware that it might show up on our website or on social media but rest assured that your name will not appear with it.

Looking forward to connecting and I hope and pray this forum will serve you well.

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