St. Paul's Anglican Church


St. Paul’s is a faithful community of Christians in a landmark building. We think of our sacred space as a gift—something bequeathed to us by our forebears, but a gift we know we are called to share with others. St Paul’s is a historic building of beauty, but it is no mere architectural monument. It is a place of quiet and peace. It is a place of pilgrimage.

We who worship here believe that God is searching for each of us, seeking to share his infinite love with us, moulding us as a community of diverse people moving forward in faith, hope and love in this new millennium.

We follow the footsteps of the first disciples who answered Jesus’ call. We believe Jesus Christ is the clue to the mystery of God. In Christ, God accepts us and calls us into a relationship with him.

We invite you to share your spiritual journey with us. We all have one. Share your gifts, your hopes, your questions. You will be welcomed by a community of caring people.

Come and discover for yourself.  We hope to see you.

Welcome to St. Pauls