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A Wonderful Thank You

We introduced you to our Community Care Coordinator Jeesu back in July who would be with us for the remaining part of the summer. Jeesu finished up her time with us towards the end of August. She left a letter thanking St. Paul’s for the opportunity. It is such a WONDERFUL letter that we wanted to share it with the whole parish.

Dear St. Paul’s family,

This past two months at St. Paul’s Church was the most exciting and meaningful way I could spend my summer. I truly enjoyed my time here, getting to meet such wonderful people and gaining new experiences. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow in a caring environment.

The day camp was a huge success, thanks to everyone who volunteered-from the snacks to cleaning up to my wonderful junior counsellors-it was perfect and even better than I had planned! I could not have done this without all your support, advice and encouragement.

I learned so much from my time here and I was able to experience first-hand the power of a church which positively affects its community. Most of what I learned came from watching all of you. There are so many people here who will jump at every opportunity to serve others, from big things like doing the finances to thoughtful things like bringing us baked treats. And I could tell that what you do for the church and the community is not a one-time, single event, but that you had made those things a part of your lives. St. Paul’s truly taught me that serving is a lifestyle, and that is a lesson I will carry with me forward.

It was such a blessing getting to know everyone. Thank you again for an amazing summer!

Love in Christ,
Jeesu Sohn


We were so happy having Jeesu as part of the team. From the content of her letter, you can easily see why. She’s an amazing girl.

Best of luck with your upcoming year of university Jeesu!

Sincerely St. Paul’s

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