Welcome to St. Paul’s Anglican – the church on Church St. in the heart of Newmarket!

We are very pleased to have you visit our website and become more familiar with the life of our active Christian community.  Here you will find some of the many activities that strengthen our faith and call us to service in the broader world. As you browse through these pages, we hope you find something that inspires you.

St. Paul’s seeks to be a place of prayer, beautiful worship and music, a reasoned faith, and warm welcome. When you visit us expect to be treated with dignity and respect no matter your background. There will be no pressure to commit to more than you are comfortable in your own time.

Feel free to come and join us for worship. There’s an exciting, vibrant feeling these days at St. Paul’s Church. Come see for yourself. You will always be welcome at St. Paul’s.

We are members of the worldwide Anglican Communion and part of the Diocese of Toronto, the most populous of the thirty dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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Our Blog: Voices of Hope

  • Kids Hockey

    The Search for the Next ‘Great One’

    For many, autumn means hockey. Whether you are off to the local rink with the kids for an early Saturday morning game or live in the seemingly eternal hope of Leaf’s Nation, many welcome the perennial return of Canada’s favourite sport. My son joined the ranks of hockey parent this

  • Positive Thinking

    When Positive Thinking Isn’t Enough

    Thankfulness and gratitude can, at times, be hard things to aspire to. We may wish to be thankful in all things, we may long to show gratitude for the blessings we have received, but thankfulness and gratitude may be beyond our reach or slip from our grasp. Sometimes we think

  • Inclusion

    Inclusion and Acceptance

    I recently attended a service at an Anglican church in a small town with which I had at one time been quite familiar, having often visited relations there as a child, and later a young adult. This town was fairly representative of small towns in central Ontario back in the